Monday, June 24, 2013

A blog in 3 parts

  Hey everyone, today i've had very mixed feelings.  Some angry, some happy, etc etc.  So today, to keep everyone from being bored and reading a WHOLE LOTTA STUFF, i'm dividing it into the good, the bad, and the other.  The bad will be a rant as to why i had a bad day, the good will be the redeeming qualities so you don't think i hate everything, and the other will include the prompt as well as a few other cool things i did.  So, if you want to hear happy galen, read the good and the other.  If you want to hear just angry galen, read the bad.  If you want just some interesting stuff, probably the funniest section will be the other.  If you want to read all of me, read all of me!  So here we go!  First, the bad!

The Bad:
     First off, i started the day happy, and then it was ruined.  I came to this camp to do one thing, the Alice animation.  From the beginning, i wanted to do a song by Franz Ferdinand that represents Lea and Z very closely that i could then put on my comic one day.  I had my hopes up and then they got crushed.  I overlooked one phrase and my day instantly turned worse.  Ya know when you go from really happy to really sad/upset in .72 seconds and you just want to cry for no real good reason?  Ya.  That was me.  Then your whole day is just ruined and your feel like crap and want the rest of your day to be crap?  If you don't know this feeling or you do and want to laugh really hard, read this Sneaky Hate Spiral by the amazing Allie Brosh (the ALL THE THINGS meme is from her art.  It's awesome.  Read it).  I was then disinclined to eat because a.) it was sub sandwiches which i despise and b.) i was in a bad mood (and not eating make it worse).  To make it even worse, i kept getting lost while animating because i felt rushed and got distracted with all the buttons.

The Good:
    However, today wasn't all bad!  In fact, there was some pretty epic stuff.  first of all, at the beginning of the day while animating, i was way ahead of the game and having a good time while my expectations were still high.  I animated an adorable little Nemo skit which i might add and was pretty happy.  Then, we did an activity in which we had a group of 9 that all had to fit on a single blanket; by fit, i mean you could either 1.) have both feet completely on 2.) have one foot on totally and stand only on that foot, or 3.) have only a portion of your foot on but stand only on that portion.  At first, it was cake!  Then...slightly harder cake.  The folded the blanket in half and we all huddled, me in the middle, to hold everyone up.  Thankfully, we got through it, but then, the folded it again.  There was no way we could fit everyone on.  We all stared at it blankly, then looked at the other team who was stacking girls on each others backs, or rather, trying to.  I prodded around until i found a perfect little loophole.  I ordered everyone to form a line, and before they could ask, i stepped on the blanket, and told everyone to jump on three
 It worked.

Update:  Also!  In the end, i changed songs to Little talk by of Monsters and Men, using a different set of characters i also like so in the's not the same, but still going to be ok.  ALSO ALICE ART IS REALLY REALLY CREEPY!!!

The Other:
    We also studied blood spatters which was....gruesomely interesting.  Stephanie made one of mine into a puffer fish.  It was cute.  Also, this morning when getting dressed, i donned the shirt u see on me (far left) and realized, i looked like eevee!  I attached a key chain eevee to my shirt and wore it all day.  All week, i will be dressing as Pokemon.  This is my challenge.  Finally, the prompt is what quality would make me famous.  Well, I'm funny!  That's what i hope to get my comic famous!!  I am talkative, ridiculous, etc!!!!  I may edit this tonight so check back around 5:00 Mountain Time!  TTFN

Update:  Sorry i had to leave so abruptly!  My job (picking up my cousin) starts at 3, as soon as camp ends.  So i have to book-it.  Anyway, as i was saying, i have decided this week, i will attempt to dress up as one of my Pokemon key chains each day, not perfectly, but in a subtle/cute way.  At the end of the week, or each day, i will try to post a picture of my outfit!  I'm having some tech problems today so I'll try to take a pic on my phone and upload it tomorrow  Also, more on the prompt, i hope my being funny and interesting will help me become famous.  I hope my ability to act and sing might make me a Broadway or movie star and that i can make some money and stuff.  Any questions?  Please leave them in the comments!!  :)   Also, check out my poll on the side  Be the first to vote!!!!