Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shigeru Miyamoto--A Christmas Miracle

    Can we all take a few minutes to appreciate Shigeru Miyamoto?  For the same reasons I love Disney, I love Miyamoto.  In all his appearances, he is cheerful and happy and looks like he absolutely adores his work.  E3 is never boring or awkward when Miyamoto is on stage.  He's willing to make guest appearances on Youtube channels like Nerdy Nummies and just sit and play the video games he has created or inspired with his adoring fans.  Perhaps in a way, I like to think of him as a modern Walt Disney in terms of their iconic and inspiring creations that some think are childish and silly, but some of us will never grow past because of a sort of whimsy and joy the movies and the games bring us.  The two even shared inspirations, with Miyamoto siting the tale of "Beauty and the Beast" as his inspiration for Donkey Kong and some people believe he used Peter Pan as an influence for Link.  (Mmmmmm Link....)

     Nintendo games are like a trip to Disney in a box at home--they have a sort of magic to them.  They have a soul and a personality and one thing I love is that "Miyamoto, and Nintendo as a whole, do not use focus groups. Instead, Miyamoto figures out if a game is fun for himself. He says that if he enjoys it, others will too."  And the best part is, he's right.  Nintendo games have made me shell out my allowance since the ripe old age of 3 or 4 when I had my Gameboy Color and soon after my continuing line of Nintendo products.  In the case of my favorite series, Assassin's Creed, I was more willing to complete Hyrule Warriors and now smash before even finishing last years entry.  As you all know, I adore AC, but as soon as I see a Nintendo game, I gravitate towards it.  Even really weird and obscure games like Tomodachi Life.  

     This isn't to say I don't adore other consoles and games, but the magic behind a Nintendo consoles that stems from people with big imaginations.  Now, yes it is true that people see Mario as their "cash cow" as they make more and more of "the same" game, but the thing is, people keep buying them!  People buy the games because they are simple, pure fun.  And, if Nintendo tries to do something new, stuff like this happens.  People want more Mario games and to be honest, the games are getting more gorgeous.  If you don't like Mario games, there are Zelda games which I personally prefer, since I am a story driven person.  I personally can't wait for the new Wii U game, and I hope it is as awesome as well all hope.  Plus, as of Starfox, as you all know I missed out on the early generations of gaming and I've NEVER played a Starfox game in my life (aside from playing as Falco in Smash Bros sometimes), so I hope it'll be fun!  I was a skeptic of Tomodachi Life, but it turned out to be great fun, so I hope some of the more strange and new Nintendo games get the appreciation they deserve.

       I did go off on a tangent, but in short, thanks Shigeru, for always putting that smile of yours on the faces of gamers all across the world.  You make Christmas an adventure every year and you elate your fans with your enthusiasm.  The world needs more passionate, happy people like Miyamoto.  (And also thanks to his fantastic translator, Bill Trinen, who puts up with all of Miyamoto's...ness XD)