Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Decisions and Villains

     Hi.  Hallo.  Sup?  How ya doin?  Just wanted to pop in and say I have a cool idea.  I'm going to do a Disney Villain's segment once a month based either on a holiday in said month, if something in the movie happens in said month, or if I feel like it!  For example, for October I did the Nightmare before Christmas which is a very Halloweeny movie!  I already have one planned for Thanksgiving and will start writing it this week, but I'm wondering what movie to do for December!  The only movies that comes to mind are the Once and Twice Upon a Christmas and Mickey's Christmas Carol.  (Yes, I know there is another Disney Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey as everybody, but I love the Mickey version most so if I do one, it'll be that version)  I think I'd like to do Christmas Carol because it will work well with the segment, but what do you guys think?  Would you consider Scrooge McDuck a villain of the Disney franchise or at least of that movie, enough that I could cover it in a segment?  Please answer on the poll to the right or leave a comment of another option!  I'd also like ideas for January if you have any!  Also, in case you haven't looked recently, the Disney Villains segments are now under the Reviews, Thoughts On, etc. tab of the navigation bar!
      I hope everyone is not freezing to death out there!  I do also have another picture post coming up, I have written all the content and just need some more pics.  There will be another Lea Plays up tomorrow and my Loot Crate should be coming soon, and I hope to do a huge swell of posting my art once the semester is over.  Finals week is approaching fast and I won't be home over the Thanksgiving break, but no worries!  I'm going to set the Disney Villains post to appear on Thanksgiving Day whether I'm at a computer or not!  Hope you guys are excited for all this!  Much love!  <3