Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Christmas from Lombego Island! *UPDATED*

Me and Z
   Earlier in the year, I bought Tomodachi Life, a really strange and quirky game for the 3DS.  I've been checking in on the game often and I really enjoy it.  The game allows you to create yourself and your friends in the game!  I of course, created myself and Jeremy Z Marlow as well as Jaimi.  I've been tempted before to post some screenshots of this game including weddings and weird events, but there are just so many!  I have a total of 5 couples as seen below (except for 1 because the pictures are weird and cap out at 9 people) and a ton of other islanders.  However, my islanders wish to say a happy holidays to you!  Also, Pikachu's eyes are under her hat...

*UPDATE:*  Also, on a sidenote, ever since a trip to Disney with my family in 6th grade I think, I have thought the world Lombego is the funniest thing ever and have thus named all my Animal Crossing towns and now my Tomodachi Life island "Lombego."  I'm weird.

Voltorb, Pikachu, Jaimi, Z, Hato, Me, Kawaii, and Colbeh
Santas in front
Elves up front