Friday, May 16, 2014


     Another exciting day!  After taking my mom the laptop and noon, I took Jaimi to get Caliche's and some other stuff.  I bought my first two lottery tickets now that I am 18 ^^  Woot!  I didn't win but eh.  Then, we went to walmart to buy cokes and headphones.  Then, we went to Petsmart to get new fishies!  I got 2 more Ghost Catfish named Jack and Rizzo and 2...rubber-lipped plecostomus....named Picasso and Opalogagus!  They are already making friends with Sir Skeleton (the other ghost catfish) and the octuplets (my 8 tetras).  Quite the tank aye?
      Also!  Good news!  For the Livestream, Jaimi says she'd be happy to join me and do some commentary and talk while I focus on the drawing so it's not awkward silence! And, she'd be able to read the chat aloud to me so I could answer any and all questions!  I also got a job as a camp councilor at Ywic, where the blog began!  This will most likely mean more daily posts following the prompts they give rather than spread apart long ones for a little while at least.  We'll see.  This being the case, I'll most likely be doing my livestream sometime between this weekend and the 21st.  The 22nd is my graduation and the 23rd is my mini graduation party at the bowling ally!  I'll add a poll for what day would be best for you and from there, what time!  Please vote!  <3
    I'm off to a choir lesson, but upon my return I might have some pics and videos from the past week!  

UPDATE:  The poll is up!  Pick the top 3 most convenient times/days!
         A.M. means starting around 9 or 10 and continuing through the day until I finish or get tired/busy.
         P.M. means beginning around noon, 1, or 2 and continuing.  Once I get a general consensus, I'll get more specific!

UPDATE (7:34 P.M.):  I'm so dumb.  Tomorrow, I'm have an Agents of SHIELD catch up day with my dad and Sunday I'm going paintballing.  I've adjusted the poll accordingly!!