Thursday, May 29, 2014

Days of Lea's Past

    Hello hello my lovely people!  Today was....crazy.  I had to register for college and I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of papers and classes.  However, yesterday the Tinker and I went to see the lovely X-Men Days of Future Past.  I was surprised by how much I liked it!  As a kid, I watched Wolverine and the X-Men, which followed the same plot!  I loved the show so much, it formed the basis for Lea.  Her world took place in a combination of the movies and the show and this film did a pretty great job of hitting me right in the nostalgia, unlike First Class which I hated.  A few blaring issues bothered me and the movie felt a bit long, but over all, good.  Now, in honor of this.......I've decided to make a horrible mistake and...................

Post the first segment of the original Logan and I story.

    Now, let's get some stuff straight here.  First of all, the original story was written in 2009.  Since then the beginning especially has gone through many MANY iterations.  It wasn't until...2012 or 13 I think that I completely trashed the original and began writing anew.  Lea's outfit was redesigned and her story was revamped.  Now, since that, I have yet to finish the extended Lea story or rewrite any of the original stories.  This section here was probably written between 2009 and early 2011 so this is by no means the very first version.  The picture accompanying it was drawn in 2009.  The story itself was much shorter, only 24 pages total including between chapter pictures.  The story was much more shallow with a weird present tense at times, not just in Lea's thoughts as it later was used.  There was little to no character development or real description of what Lea even looked like until halfway through!  Plus....the grammar.  However, the story is a bit different than other fanfics in one way; to this day it is told in stories rather than in one giant book.  Lea  and Logan is only their first adventure.  This post a year ago with the release of The Wolverine shows a portion of a now scrapped back story that was a separate "book."

Tomorrow, I will post the first segment of the newest version: Lea and Logan  

   As I mentioned, this version began a year or two ago and therefore is unfinished and I haven't visited it in quite a while, so even the beginning is not the highest quality.  However, I have a horrible habit of editing and never progressing.  It will be accompanied by the updated outfit!  This part is still in a transitional phase, trying to figure out if Lea's thoughts need to be italicized or not.  Leave your thoughts in the comments! Now, why am I doing this?  Just for your entertainment and so you can see a glimpse of how stupid I was back as a little 8th grader.  I'd love some constructive criticism!  Without further ado, see the next post to indulge in the horror.