Tuesday, March 4, 2014


  Practices from 4-9:30 really take the time from under your feet.  I do have a video game review on the way and at the very least, the 1st of 2 vlogs from the MESA day trip.  The Rant Time has been written but needs the video to be finished.  My Top 20 Gen 2 Pokemon is 50% finished (without pictures and formatting so really more like 25%) and I still have the Clash of Heroes Lea Plays needing to be uploaded.  My web design class is finally getting busy and 6th period (as well as 5th now that I've dropped theater from all the bullying) are full of making up Homework I can't do at practice or things I've missed recently.
   On the happy side, the boy I like stayed in my mom's classroom with my friends and I this morning and I got to tell him about Spelunky and made him laugh a lot soooo that was fun!  I now need to get some sleep.  Night lovelies.  <3