Friday, March 21, 2014

Woot woot! Relaxing ^^

   So, this week has been lazy week.  I haven't gone to school 2 out of 5 days and when I have, it's been basically derping around.  Yesterday for example, I had study hall and choir, but all the show choir people (most of the choir) was gone and we didn't have a sub.  In the "emergency sub plans" which had never been touched and had a thick layer of dust, we found a VHS of the making of Michael Jackson's Thriller and popped that right in.  I voted we learn the dance but we were all lazy ^^.  Then today, I'm getting to watch Thor 2 in web design!!  Yay!!  I love this movie ^^.  In terms of quality, I really think the Marvel Studios movies are much better than Fox.  As much as I love my X-Men and Wolverine, the Avengers films (namely the Thor and Captain America films) seem better lately.  Of course, there are horrible films in both categories and good ones in both, but I have cloudy judgment due to character preference.  I've never read Guardians of the Galaxy and honestly only know what I've picked up around the internet, but seeing as it is Marvel studio and will (hopefully from what I can infer) be tying into the Avengers, I hope it's good!
     Anyway, I also think in 7th/8th (Choir) we all brought in movies and will watch something in there too!  Then, next week is spring break!  I'm hoping to upload the second vlog and Clash of Heroes Lea Play over that  
Not sure who's who?  Check out this cool graphic!