Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don't Go Softly Into the Summer

   Hello ladies and gents!  Just wanted to pop in and say the dreaded Finals Week is ahead of me.  I've had a ridiculous load of homework and such, including a second study date with aforementioned cute math boy and as such I have been working my tiny butt off.  I wrote an entire paper about Ghost Ranch, New Mexico and what kind of dinos it has inside of it, another speech about how to fight Bigotry in the gaming industry, taken more tests than I'd care to mention, and I have 4 more on the way, all while I am trying to find myself a job for the summer.  Soooo, that's my life, but what does that matter?
    Well, I would like to have a Pre-Finals stream to kind of chill out.  This stream will be me playing Minecraft and/or Rouge Legacy for a few hours, most likely on Saturday or Sunday, starting at 11.  The streams are a fun way for me to play some of my favorite games while being able to talk to my audience one on one which is AWESOME.  If my connection is strong enough and lag isn't too bad, I might even try to make a server for Jazmin and I and anyone who wants to join us!  Wouldn't that be awesome?! 
    So, in short, I'm very busy lately but I will try to have a livestream this week!  I will also hopefully be able to be more active during the summer sooooo I'll see you all soon!  <3