Thursday, July 24, 2014

Greninja Tin Opening with Jaimi and Weekly Lea Plays?!

     Hey guys!  So, as I said, Jaimi and I recorded many hours of a little game called Nintendo Land!  I actually haven't even finished filming!  We played through 2 games completely and a few others a little bit and already have sooo much footage.  Sooooooooo I was thinking of either weekly or bi-weekly uploading the Lea Plays Nintendo Land!  I'm trying to keep the videos short, around 9-15 minutes, although a few maybe up to 30 minutes or so.  Yesterday, I posted the July Loot Crate video!  I'll be posting the 1st segment of Jaimi+my Let's Play tonight (so it will be posted by tomorrow morning).  I know not everyone likes my videos, but I hope they will be entertaining!  I've been able to make the sound and video quality a bit better and would like your feedback!  You can post in the comments or send me an email about what you think of the videos!  If you haven't already, please subscribe to my channel to see my videos as they come out!  Without any further ado, the Greninja Tin!

Jaimi and I are at it again!  This time, I crack open a Greninja EX Tin!

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