Thursday, October 2, 2014

An Amariel Relationship Guide Part 1: The Avalon Castle

    Amariel is a land full of hundreds of kinds of creatures, creations, and confused relationships.  In my posts, I reference many characters, but trying to give all of them a full bio would take years.  Instead, here's a quick guide to many of our characters and their relationships.  This is the bare minimum and is really more focused on a trait or two rather than every adventure they've had.  This is also only up to date right now.  The rp is ongoing, so things are changing everyday (meaning I need to fix Thief's original bio).    I'll put either a (G) or a (J) to indicate if they are my character or my partner, Jazmin's.
Male Female Relationship
Daramier Blake-(G)
Nuala Blake-(J)
1/2 Elf, 1/2 Human
The parents of Rahzel and King and Queen of Avalon.   Nuala was raised in the same elvish kingdom as Thief and Archer,and was their childhood friend until she married. Daramier, whom she struck in the shoulder with an arrow and fell in love with.  When Rahzel was 8, Nuala was murdered.  She has since returned as a ghost.  Similarly to Archer, she has returned to life with the use of potions on occasion.       
Rahzel Blake-(J)
1/4 Elf, 3/4 Human Mediator
Married with two children.  The main characters of the rp.  Thief possesses the ability to morph into a wolf or werewolf and Rahzel can see, feel, and communicate with ghosts.  She will join the Council of the Dead when she dies.  
Cornelius Blake-(J)
1/2 Dunedain, 1/8 elf, 3/8 human

The new son of Rahzel and Thief.  Currently less than a year old.  He will be king after Ailis' rule according to Thief's new laws.  
West Hollow-(J)
White Mage
Ailis Blake-(G)
The adopted children of Mate and Koen and Thief and Rahzel respectively, they have fallen in love and wish to be betrothed when they are older.  West was saved by Mate and Koen from an abusive family and Ailis was adopted from an orphanage near the elvish kingdom. West is the pirate/mage prince and Ailis the future queen by thief's law.  
Stephen McStephin-(G)
Talia Engen McStephin-(J)
Rahzel's butler and maid who have fallen in love and married.  Stephen came to the castle as an escaped servant of a cruel man and his daughter, and is treated like family, as is Talia.  Talia's father, Seamus , is a royal blacksmith.  They are currently expecting a baby girl who will be named Bidella.  They've had crazy adventures, including Talia nearly being married off to Loki, the God of Mischief, who instead marries Lady Sif of Asgard.
Serina Isberg-(J)
Human Mediator
Archer is the Dunedaine cousin of Thief, sent to the orphanage with him to protect him when they grew older from the orcs.  The two instead decided to be called brothers as they were unaware of their history.  Archer was engaged to an elf named Anawen, a childhood friend.  Near 50 years old, Archer is was killed in a fight which he never talks about.  His ghost haunted his brother and Rahzel, until Thief was able to see him.  Serina, a nurse at the castle with the ability to sense ghosts, soon became a perfect person to bother.  With help from Serina's aunt and uncle, Archer was revived.  The two are now parents of a son and work together at the castle infirmary.  
Nostalion Jr.-(J)
1/2 Dunedain, 1/2 Human

The son of Archer and Serina, he is named after the elf that raised Archer and Thief as children in the elvish kingdom.  He is about a year older than Cornelius.
Kekor Solbrar-(G)
Duchess Eleanor Belane-(J)
Kekor met Mate as Koen's guard when he was forced to preform in gladiator duels.  Kekor watched Mate and Koen interact without a peep, as if the audience in a play and has since joined the group to do just that.  He is able to see into parallel worlds his brother opens up and writes books about them.  He joined the castle's royal guard to protect Rahzel.  He met Ellie when she came to the castle, terminally ill, awaiting her next husband and was assigned as her guard.  He had an affair with her and she was sent home, only to be later reported dead.  Months later, Mate and Kekor discover Ellie is alive and Mate is able to heal her illness.  The two are now engaged and observe the others from afar.   
Ro'Kek Solbrar-(G)

Kekor's older brother, Ro'Kek can travel between worlds by opening rifts, through which Kekor can see the other worlds.  Mischievous, he loves to send the characters' consciousness to the other worlds to see their reactions.  He is mostly harmless and has proved to be a good guy, even though an initial villain.  Ro'Kek has a horrible crush on Ellie and often enjoys putting her in fake danger to let his brother feel like a hero saving her. 
Korek Solbrar-(G)

The uncle of Ro'kek and Kekor, he randomly pops in.  Not much is known, other than the fact that he loves his nephews and is the brother of their powerless father, Dave, and that he shares the same powers as Ro'Kek.