Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hallo: A Rambling About Rant Times and Real Talk

   Hey there everyone!  Just thought I'd write a little today.  It's been crazy here with school and the like.  I'm not even really sure what to talk about honestly.  I've already had 3 different exams and I have 2 more this Thursday.  I've started to take night dancing lessons on Thursdays, play D&D every Friday, and go to trivia night on Tuesdays!  I do want to just kind of ramble shall I?

    Let's start with what everyone wants to know: what's up next?  Well, I have a new Adventure with Lea in the works right now, I'm just really lazy.  This one in particular is difficult because I don't want to sound snobbish even though the topic is...soooooo....  That leads into the question of Rant Times.  When is my next rant time?  I da know!  Rant Times are much harder for me to write for a few reasons.
  1. I have to keep it open.  I leave the whole thing in 2nd person with no specific gender roles so that a guy who prefers to be a quiet type or a loud rambunctious girl can just as easily fit in the same role.
    1. This also means trying to keep it class and role open, meaning this character is not specifically a mage, warrior, etc. or even a specific race of human or creature, so anyone roleplaying fantasies can come true through this character.  
    In D&D I'm like the top right one except with a panther and half elf instead!  Source
  2. Next up, I have to be careful with my language.  I like it to take a little bit of thinking to know what I'm talking about, but not going full stereotypical Shakespearean English so most people can understand and read it pretty easily.
  3. I have to really feel it.  I can't write Rants about just anything.  It has to be something I feel would sound really awesome in an epic voice.  I'm sure a lot of things would, but the mood just has to strike me to enhance it and tell the world, and also try to not make it so ranty that everyone thinks I'm whining.  

       Moving on!  I also have the Nintendo Land videos.  Here's the problem.  I started with quite a few views on the Metroid Blast Videos, but after that they seemed to die down.  My vlogs also have very little views as do the rest of my video content.  This is where I get pretty sad.  I see demand for the Nintendo Land videos, but only from a few people.  I hope that once I start to post the Battle Quest series of Nintendo Land, views will go up again.  Also, this is all old footage and I intend to get more new footage soooooooon once all the old stuff is done.  If you like my videos, please actually give them a like on Youtube and think of subscribing and commenting!  This helps me know what I'm doing isn’t just disappearing into the void.  For those of you who like pack openings, I have a lot of exciting ones on the way!!!

        I'm too lazy to keep writting this post buuuutttt that at least gives you an idea of what's to come!  Also, I think i'm going to start playing Pokemon TCG online again, so if you see "Leanasta" online, friend me and I'd love to do a match!  Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee