Friday, February 13, 2015

Live Stream Coming Soon!

      Hey everyone!  I know 3 of you already said you will not be attending tomorrow's stream, but I hope many more of you will be!  The stream will be your time to express how you feel about my blog or youtube channel!  You can tell me which segments are your favorites and least favorites, ask questions about almost anything, chat and get to know me, submit images for me to draw, or just watch me work! Today, I did a quick test stream and then looked at it and realized I was doing the entire thing with NO SOUND!  Luckily, I fixed that, so tomorrow's stream should be nice and smooth!  

     You can begin submitting pictures now!  Either here in the comments, through email here, or tweet me here with #MePlusFree!

      Maybe, to add some fun to the stream, if I have no images to draw, people in the chat can instead challenge me to draw a pokemon of their choice in 1 minute.  Or, I can maybe stream some Minecraft if you'd be interested!  So remember,

11 a.m. MST Saturday & (maybe) Sunday at