Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Let Me Be Your Valentine

   Hey everyone!  So, I was having huge writer's block this week about what to do for my Valentine's Day special or the comic and then it hit me--I haven't done a livestream in a while!  Next Sat. or Sunday most likely around 11 a.m. MST, I'll be doing a Valentine's Day live stream on Twitch.Tv!  All you have to do is show up!  At the beginnning I'll do some doodles of Z and then I will be taking suggestions for the comic, as well as doing custom drawings for those who show up!  This is what you'll have to do:

  • Rules:
    • Follow me on twitter @Alias_LeaOR be subscribed to my Youtube channel OR here on the blog
    • Send me a tweet, email, or comment (here or on my youtube channel) of what/who you would like me to draw! 
      • Should we have a hashtag?  Is that a thing people do?  Let's do #MePlusFree
    • The picture must be PG
      • It can be of you and your significant other, just you, you and something you love (like a cat or a videogame perhaps) just a person you'd like me to draw for you, your OTP, or a celebrity..
      • See Examples below 
    • I will be drawing them as stick figures in my art style!  I will color them with colored pencils by hand, scan them, and then email you the signed picture.  Or, if you're super nice, I could mail you the original if you really want it that badly
      • If there aren't very many people, or the number or requests is slow, I might try to draw in my anime style, but be prepared for crab hands!
    • Be tuned in and active in the chat so I know when to draw you so you can actually watch me! 
      • Please keep the chat nice and friendly.  Especially to those without a Valentine (such as myself!) if you have one! 
    • Have fun!

Just you in a fabulous pose
You and a loved one

You and your significant other/celebrity
You and the thing you love most

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