Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pokemon Sun and Moon: All is Revealed!

    So, it looks like Generation 7 is truly around the corner for Pokémon fans!  As you all know, Pokémon is probably my favorite franchise of all time and I have really enjoyed it for a long time.  However, after all the hype for Gen 6, I felt it was a let down.  I will say I really enjoyed Froakie and Fenniken as well as the legendaires, Xerneas and Yveltal.  I even have a Fenniken plushie!  I am not the biggest fan of Mega Evolutions, and I find them a little frustrating.  I'd prefer to give some Pokémon full fledged evolutions, but some of the Megas do look really cool. 
   But we aren't here to talk about Gen 6!  We're here to talk about EVERYTHING the newest trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon has to offer.  For starters, have a look at the trailers yourself!

The Alola Region:

       Let's start by talking about the region itself.  Many of us have long speculated it would take place in a Hawaii based region and I am relieved we are right!  I personally love the tropical and water based Hoenn, so a Hawaii based region is awesome!  I love the bright red flowers and greens an blues and it has a very nice overall feel to it.  However, the graphics look....weird to me.  Though the battle animations looks SMOOTH AS BUTTAH which was definitely an issue in Gen 6 with constant lag, the over world seems...pixelated.  I can't exactly place it, but the character model doesn't seem to really look like it's IN the environment.  Otherwise though, I enjoy the combination of modern cities with these nice small huts and more natural segments.

     It does look a little small to me however.  I hope that, like Hawaii, Alola consists of a series of islands, and that it makes sure to retain some of the geographical diversity that makes Pokémon of many designs and types reasonable. 

The Characters:
      Look like customization is back!  I'm glad to see that we will be yet again having some options
for protagonists.  I think that the guy is pretty attractive (especially the 3rd one for some reason).  The girl is pretty cute, but I hope I can have green eyes!  None of them see to :(  I hope that it allows for the same drastic amounts of customization that Generation 6 did, so that I can make one a little more like me.  My favorites are probably the 3rd boy and 1st girl. 

     Also in the trailer, we see a shirtless guy!  And shirtless guy seems to be the new professor since his name is Kukui which is a type of tree!  He may not be Professor Sycamore, but he definitely seems like a handsome and charismatic guy.  I do have to say it is a little bit of a strange trend that the Pokémon Professors have been seemingly getting younger and more attractive?  Just something to think about.  Also, the boy in the yellow shorts who seems to be our rival seems like a cool guy!  I'm VERY happy to just have ONE rival again.  I'll be honest, I hated the huge cast of Gen 6 because they were all either boring and generic, or very annoying like Shauna.  I HOPE it is just that guy.  Also, I personally thought rivals worked best when they were, well, rivals.  I was most motivated to beat them when it was that jerk face Gary Oak or the evil(?) Silver!  I understand why they would move more towards friends, but that's just my personal preference.

    If the Japanese trailer was any hint, I would like it if our character was new to the region and this guy was nice enough to be our first friend!  This would be very reminiscent of Gen 3, but seems unlikely, based on the house we briefly see in the trailers. 

The Starters: 

     Now for what you've all actually been here for!  We finally got to see the 3 new start Pokémon and they are....well....they are!  We, as always, have a Fire, Grass, and Water starter!  Let's take a look at them.

First off, we have the grass starter, Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokémon.  To me, that sounds eerily
similar to the Spiky Nut Pokémon, Chespin.  Rowlet stands an adorably small 1 foot tall and weighs 3.3 ibs.  Rowlet is a Grass/Flying type with the ability Overgrow.  Many people had speculated that the grass starter would be an owl, and here it is!  My initial thoughts on it were less than enthusiastic, but the more I look at Rowlet, the more it grows on me (get it?).  I think the name has a very nice, rounded feel to it that matches the little bird.  However, am I missing something?  I get that it is an owlet, but rowlet?  Rolling owlet?  Round owlet?  Can anyone enlighten me?

       I do think it's design is very, VERY simplistic and the beak is a bit weird in my opinion, but the simplicity of it's first stage may allow for a very cool evolutionary line.  I like it a lot more than Gen 6's Chespin, but it doesn't shout grass type starter.  I do love his little leaf bow and tail though.  Since it already starts off as Grass Flying, there's no mystery that it will most likely keep that typing as it evolves.  I can definitely see it evolving into some absolutely MASSIVE owl by the end of its line.  I'd say it's a close choice between Rowlet and our next contestant for me.
     Next up, we have Litten.  Litten is a basic fire type and is aptly called the "Fire Cat Pokémon."
  Litten is 1' 4" tall and weighs 9.5 ibs with the ability Blaze.  I personally love the idea of a fire cat Pokémon, however I think I love the idea more than the design.  While Litten has some nice elements to its design, I personally am not a fan of "stone faced Pokémon" that are only depicted as grumpy.  (OMG GRUMPY CAT THE POKEMON CONFIRMED)  There is something about it's face that just doesn't sit well with me, especially when you think of how cute just normal kittens are.  It might be the way the eyes are, making them look so gloomy, or something like that.  However, since there is a lot of black in this design, we can hope to see a dark fire type which would be awesome!  I'm personally a huge fan of dark type Pokémon, of which we don't have a lot.  Plus, Litten and Houndoom on the same team would be a pretty awesome combo. 
    I will admit I'm a little afraid of what this one will evolve into.  While I think Delphox is alright, I personally don't love the way it turned out.  I hope that Litten can evolve into something very cool, but distinct.  Though I like Pyroar's design, I ant Litten to have a very cool, unique evolution, so I'm curious how that will turn out.  Finally, I want to point out how much I love those little spikes on its back when it arches up like a cat does.  That is a perfect touch!        

     Finally, we have Popplio....the Sea Lion Pokémon.  Popplio stands the same height as Litten at 1' I suggest this video, so go ahead and check that out.  Popplio gives me flashbacks of Oshawott, which is not a good thing.  The little guy is cute, but obviously the clown Pokémon and looks more like something from a 1940s cartoon.  I personally adore sea lions, and I'd like to see this guy evolve into a majestic Milotic sort of creature that sheds its once weird shell.
4", but weighs 16.5 Ibs. and has the ability Torrent.  Let's be honest.  Popplio looks like a fan character.  In fact, all 3 of these guys do.  If you want to see some really cool fan designs and see if you like them better,

     Overall, it is my least favorite, but I'm sure some people will like it, and I am curious about where they can go with this guy.  I hope they stay away from a clown Pokémon route because I HATE CLOWNS. 

The Legendaries:
     Honestly, I prefer the fake leaked box art for these legendaries.  These two have no names as of
yet, but they honestly don't sell it for me.  Pokémon games are basically sold by whatever legendary is on the box, and for the first time ever, I can't decide which one I want because I don't really like either one.  Now, the Hawaiian goddess of the moon, Hina, represents feminity as juxtaposed to Ku, representing masculinity.  While the moon Pokémon here does seem to have some feminity to it, it still would have been cool to see a gardevoir esque Pokémon and a machoke like Pokémon or something.  I will probably end up with moon because I like the design just that much more, but that is really not saying much.  We still don't know these two's names or where they fit in the greater mythos of the Pokémon world.

    Finally, we have not seen some of the locals and other things we saw in the very first trailer, such as the wireframe bird Pokémon they were working on, so there is still much more to come before November!  As always, these are all my opinions and by no means have to be yours!  I'd love to know what you guys think about the games from these trailers and what starter you're thinking of!  Thank you guys so much for reading!

    Also, this Sunday is my birthday!  I will try to have at least something up on here or YouTube for you guys as we celebrate 20 years!  Woooooo!  See you all then!!