Friday, June 3, 2016

Giveaway CLOSED and Life Update!

    Hey everyone!  First off, the Call of Juarez giveaway is CLOSED and was won by Brittani a.k.a. Brister 1821!  She's super cool and yall should check out her stuff

   Moving on, about my life!  So, I'm all moved into my apartment and have been for a little while, but I have little to no internet!  It goes in and out constantly and can barely upload mp3s, let alone mp4s.  Meaning, my YouTube is probably going to be a bit dry for at least one more week :(  However, when I have internet, I have tons of videos to upload!  I have a lot of ones to film and edit as well.  Until then, you guys can hear my voice as I audition for all sorts of parts on Casting Call Club!  You guys can upvote my auditions and give me feedback, which would be great!  I was already cast in one production which is an Ace Attorney fanfic!

   I also have more Pokémon News on the way soon, but for now, talk to you all later and enjoy your summer!!!