Thursday, January 28, 2016

Too Excited!!

   So, I have a class at about 2:30 today in the Creative Media building.  Now, as you all know by now, I've been acting since literally Kindergarten, but after Beauty and the Beast, I slowed my roll.  I decided not to major in acting because acting is such a fickle field: you can act or you can't.  Taking classes to improve that is awesome, but getting a degree in it is kind of scary in my opinion, so I opted for a degree I'm pretty sure I can get a job in incase acting fell through.  This time last year, I was auditioning for a senior project film-"Knock'em Dead."  I was cast as an extra, filmed for two days, and then never heard from anyone related to the project again.  I think something happened with the location, but whatever.
This is what I'm sitting under!
Well, this History of Magic and Witchcraft class is the first one I've had in this building, but I instantly loved the place--theater style posters with lit borders, big flashy lightbulbs like on a greenroom mirror, the works.  The place feels like home away from my Science Hall home.  Well, I've found myself a little place to sit in a hallway beside an information desk.  There is only one other seat here, but the one I'm in makes me invisible to the person behind the counter which is preferable.  Well, as I sat here doing some homework, another guy took a seat in the other chair and chatted with the invisible desk man (IDM).  Then, another guy came to talk to IDM, except this guy was talking about working behind the camera as a non-major!  Something I'm also very interested in.  I nerded out a bit and eavesdropped, but eventually got a "you need to talk to this person" response that I felt a bit meh on. 

   Then, as the Non-major walked away, the seated guy (SG) mentioned that he needed guys like that to be in his production.  I instantly couldn't help myself and essentially said I was an actress and I'd love a role.  He enthusiastically asked for my email and I equally so gave it to him.  I also offered to help with backstage work, even making sets if needed and he said it would be filmed on a theater set which is my home turf!  Squeeeeee!!!  Hopefully, I can get my name out there as a non-major actress who's hopefully more available and (hopefully) less of a diva than most acting majors (one of the top reasons I didn't want to continue acting).

   So, I am waaay too happy not to share this shred of hope with you all!  Hopefully, we'll hear more about this soon!  Also, tomorrow I'll probably be doing an art stream as I draw the Me+Free Valentine's Day Special which is Fallout themed!!!

See ya all later!!! <3 <3