Monday, January 11, 2016

Fire at the Disco! Fire at the A-Part-Ment!

    Hello hello my lovelies!  First of all, I want to mention how I've had a sudden surge in views which is awesome!  So far, this is the most views I've had since January of last year, and we're only 10 days in!  Plus, we've now reached over 20,000 views!!  Wooooo!!  :D  I guess you could say....this blog is on...."fire?"  Eh?  Eh?  Title nod?  No?  Also, as I look at my intro, I realize I sound a bit like the Phone Guy from FNaF?  Weird....

From Target!
Anyway, let's get to talking about that cryptic title beyond my terrible pun!  Firstly, no, there was no fire at any Disco at I know of, buuuut there was one at my new apartment.  As I've been mentioning in my videos and the year summary, I'm moving to a small apartment.  WELP thaaaat's been delayed!  A fire started somehow in the ceiling with some insulation catching fire.  Luckily, no one and nothing was hurt/damaged aside from the roof and a bit of the floor.  Even luckier (more lucky?), the insurance will cover new wiring, flooring, ceiling repair, and even a paintjob for the little place!  Basically, it's going to be nice and shiny when we move in!  Yes, I just said we!  You all are coming with me on a grand adventure!  In the meantime, I'm mentally designing the tiny room.  I'm thinking of buying a few gaming posters and I did buy a cool arrow sign to hang up on the wall either behind the couch or maybe in the little kitchen!  The repairs should take 3-4 weeks, so don't expect to see the new place in the next video. 

     Next Video?  Oh yes!  In the past few vids, I mentioned that I'm contemplating switching crates!  This month, I'll be receiving Loot Crate, 1up Box, and the LootAnime Mega Crate (courtesy of Jaimi!) and will be doing a nice long comparison of the three liiiive on twitch.  Those sorts of things usually come on the 20th, so that's probably the next big video until the vlog I plan to do on moving day! 

    Also, school begins for me on the 20th as well ;-;  Boooo, I know.  Until then, I've been enjoying my break--playing some Binding of Isaac.....not moving....that's about it really!  I'll most likely NOT be streaming again (or at least not streaming any games) until the new house.  I might, however, finish streaming my Star Wars/comic art because that's an easier setup.  Furthermore, if you guys really want to keep up with the random parts of my life, follow me on twitter, or watch that little sidebar on the right!  Otherwise, that's about it for today!  I'm going to go to bed now XD  Goodnight everyone!  Hope you're all enjoying...whatever is going on with you!  <3