Monday, August 11, 2014

Minecraft, Ticket to Ride, and Guardians Blind Box!

      So, after a long morning of intending to edit videos and not, Jaimi rang me up and asked to hang out.  After my chiropractor appointment, I went with Yams to the mall with a shiny $25 gift card from watching Connie's pets.  At first, I couldn't decide what I wanted and got bummed about some stuff I'm going through, so we got some amazing Dippin' Dots and wandered around.  I popped into Gamestop to ask why my 3DS's internal clock resets every few days, but didn't get an answer.  I instead walked out with a download code for Minecraft (which I've been dying for) and $5 more on both my pre-ordered Wii U games.
       We also got some delicious Candy Craze and even got our pictures in a picture booth finally.  You guys might remember my Peapod I got for Christmas.  Since then, Jaimi and I have an injoke that when the Tinker is over, she calls herself the "least happy pea."  However, this peapod is only 2 ^^  And we are the most happy peas!
     I finally decided to get Ticket to Ride: Europe.  My sister has the original so I decided to get the European one!  I LOVE TtR, plus, it's playable for 2 or more, which is nice for the times I only have 1 friend over.  I also got a Guardians of the Galaxy blind box and did a quick opening video!  Hope you guys enjoy!!  <3